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Hybrid energy system sypply

The company REN Grad offers complete power energy supply systems for the private houses, farmhouses, small companies. 


The hybrid system is based on the optimal use of natural wind and solar energy for efficient and comfortable energy supply. Hybridizing solar and wind power sources together with storage batteries to cover the periods of time without sun or wind provides a realistic form of power generation. The PV-wind hybrid system suits to conditions where sun light and wind has seasonal shifts i.e., in summer the daytime is long and sun light is strong enough, while in winter the days are shorter and there are more clouds, but there is usually an increased wind resource that can complement the solar resource.

The control system is based on AC-DC-AC technology. The DC-link allows the independent control of generation and energy supply

The generated energy is storaged in DC-batteries and converted in inververter dependet of energy demand

The typical energy sypply system of private house with 3 persons. Annual wind speed is more then 5 m/s. Annual consumption 5.000 kWh. Maximal systems power 3 кW

component details quantity price, [€]

total price, [€]


(blades, generator)

power 2kW

annual production 4.000кВт*год

1 1200 1200
PV-pannel 190 W summary power 570 W 3 285 855
controller  wind + PV 1 50 50
battaries 12В 180 A*h 4 200 800
invertor 3кW, 220V 1 600 600

System design is depend of local natural resources.